The Closest move you'll ever see.

You won't even need your GPS…

Our 444 Main Street Office in-branch banking services are moving to our Convenience Center at 388 Main Street (back of building). Convenience Center expansion plans are underway, too!
Look what's coming Spring of 2018.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and Answers for you:

Is the Main Office closing?

The Main Office is not closing; we are simply relocating the teller line and customer service offices. Even with innovative e-banking services, we are committed to making sure our customers can continue to have access to convenient in-branch services so you can bank when and where you want.

Will anyone continue to work in the Main Office?

Administrative offices for our Bank President, Human Resources and Security, as well as general Branch Administration will continue to operate from our 444 Main Street Office building.

Why are you moving teller services?

Exciting plans are coming for Main Street banking! This is the first of a 2-step process. First, your local in-branch banking services will be relocated 2 doors down to our 388 Main Street Convenience Center. The move offers you extended branch hours, 2 private customer service offices, a full-service lobby, safe deposit box services, ample parking and handicap accessibility.

What will happen next?

Here’s the BEST part - the second step will be the expansion of our 388 Main Street Convenience Center. Plans are in the works for a total transformation of the front of the Center, which is currently our Lending Center. This transformation will offer you a new and innovative full-service banking office right in the center of downtown Athol.

How will this affect me, as a customer?

You will be able to bank 2 doors down at our 388 Main Street Convenience Center for in-branch and drive-up service.

What is going to happen with my safe deposit box?

Safe deposit box services will remain at our 444 Main Street Office. There will be a team of employees ready to assist you with access to your box.

Will safe deposit box services be available in the new 388 Main Street lobby?

Yes! Boxes are available now. And, we have plans to add many more with our renovation and expansion. The new safe deposit boxes will be available to rent during the renovation phase. Once renovations are complete, we will assist all 444 Main Street safe deposit box customers in moving the contents of their current safe deposit box to a new safe deposit box in the new 388 Main Street office. These customers will enjoy 1 year of free service as a “thank you” for assisting us with the transition.

Will the ATMs be relocated?

No, both the drive-up and walk-up ATMs will remain at their current location at the 444 Main Street office. There will also be a new ATM installed in the renovated 388 Main Street branch as part of phase 2.

Will there still be a coin counter machine available?

The coin counter will be relocated to the 388 Main Street branch, so there will be no interruption in this free service.

What is going to happen to the Main Office tellers?

They will still enjoy servicing you at other branch locations. It’s quite possible you will find them in either our Convenience Center office or in our Uptown branch.

Is my bank going to be around for the future?

Athol Savings Bank is celebrating 150 years of dedicated service to you and our communities. This is not changing. We are very proud of our past, and excited about our future. Your bank consistently receives ratings of “excellence” for sound banking practices, community lending, steady growth, and innovative technology. This allows us to provide a wide array of secure banking services. We will continue to be a trusted financial institution for our customers and a dedicated community partner in the five towns we serve.

Other questions? Call us at 888-830-3200